"Strawberry Fields' Marketing input and creative design for our advertising campaign helped enormously with the launch of Shell Global Solutions."

Dr. Allan Samuel, Business Development Manager, Shell Research & Technology


"How do we co-ordinate a sales and marketing strategy that will unite our departments and present our offerings in the market place in a dynamic way which is long term rather than a short term fix?"



We conducted a diagnostic to evaluate the marketing requirements, we then introduced a creative strategy that would unite all the different business cells' (12 in total). We incorporated 'brainstorming sessions' with senior executives to establish policy and focus on shared 'vision'.

We introduced creativity into the business plan on the basis that the same committees year in, year our, would produce the same results. This resulted in the launch of a completely new company called "Shell Global Solutions" which allowed the internal people to focus on long term objectives whilst giving their clients confidence and reassurance in the value of the new 'focused' regime.

We produced and launched a major creative advertising and PR campaign to co-ordinate the sales and marketing activities within the group.