"The new corporate literature and website developed by Strawberry Fields has combined creative input with a sound marketing approach - a rare combination. Despite the number of inputs to the project, Strawberry Fields have consistently demonstrated patience and firm guidance."

Mark Johnson, Managing Director, Britton Group


"To become market leader of the film packaging industry; unite the 11 strategic manufacturing business units under a co-ordinated, united banner; create a more dynamic approach."



After the initial diagnostic, it was decided to refocus the company's efforts away from commodity-led offerings and offer more added-value and service.

A marketing plan was instigated which incorporated a new focus on customer relationship management, especially retention and developing new business.

The organisation would inevitably experience a "change programme" which would help to refocus it's core value propositions and present the Britton Group with corporate and creative vision, in preparation for unleashing their true potential. The new "realised" values would be visually and creatively incorporated into the corporate culture of the organisation.