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Think Different – Traditional websites in their current form are fast becoming obsolete, according the latest New York Times, smartphone App development is “the most powerful media ever invented.” The beauty of the App is that you have pull and push marketing strategies that will go on to the same mobile device. Improving your customer experience creates loyalty and helps you to keep your customers as well as creating new ones. Based on our business intelligence analysis, we have devised Apps that have increased profitability, customer retention and provided acquisition of new customers. Here are some examples of the way Apps can be used…


Imagine you are a retailer or a hairdresser and you want to tell your customers about your latest products, discounts and special offers. Or you may want them to pay or book by a smart App on their mobile phone?

It’s a sound result – its called k-ching (the sound of of the till ringing).

Imagine in real time that a paramedic arrives at an accident and gets all the medical information about an elderly diabetic patient on his smart phone just by tapping on his very smart live AppWhat if Mrs. Doe is allergic to certain medicines? Or perhaps a carer would want to know whether an elderly patient has taken all of her medicine? All this can be done on a database which has universal access, providing the right password is entered.


Isn’t that just a life saver?


Imagine going to Fun Fair for the first time – or a holiday resort – and after downloading the very smart live App, it tells you where you are, where the rides are, what they are called, and where your chalet is? And where you can eat.


Is that cool? Or what?


Imagine you are on a golf course, it’s your first time – and the very smart App tells you where you are on a map and where the next tee is – oh and you can order your lunch and pay for it at the same time on the very smart live App. Businesses who adopt these Apps will have a clear competitive advantage – and will have first mover advantage.


It can even shout “Fore”


Imagine your App tells you that your favourite football club are giving away season tickets for a fiver. You book it straight away by your very smart live App.


It’s a winning team!


Now imagine what you can do with your very own smart live business App – are we on the same page?


Your company has competitors and they are trying to steal your customers – if you had your brand and your logo in your customers hands 24/7 on their mobile device would that be a coup, an advantage?


When we say “live” we mean real time, we mean instant – not one second later. The information is dynamic – Now Imagine your very own live App! These Apps can work alongside your existing website. Using smartphone technology, businesses  are now able to speak directly to their target audience with ‘push technology’ – informing and engaging with customers. These Apps will help to generate customer loyalty, a higher perceived value, and innovative profile for the organisation with enhanced social engagement and community spirit. 

The Future

Apps and mobile phones are the future for all communications and have just superseded the PC as the preferred communication device (see below). People on average spend roughly 4 hours on smartphones every day and about 1 hour a day on a personal computer or laptop. That’s three times the amount of time people spend eating and over 1/3 of the time they spend sleeping – and these factors are growing. Fast. Here’s the low-down:

It is predicted that by 2015, mobile app development projects will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of 4-to-1. By 2016, mobile search will generate 27.8 billion more queries than desktop search. In fact, time spent with mobile apps is starting to rival television. 200 million YouTube views occur every day on mobile devices.

Image source:

Education and Business Organisations

Currently, 70% of the planet has a mobile device. Seven out of ten children under the age of 12 use mobile devices. Educational Apps can increase the vocabulary of 3 year olds by 17% and 5 year olds by 27% – with the same application. 77% of parents believe that access to mobile phone Apps help to increase their children’s creativity and capacity for learning.

Needless to say, Apps on smartphones and tablet devices are having an overwhelming impact on our present and future. This technology is growing so fast it’s difficult to keep track of. iPads – for example, have become somewhat akin to a new age 4G wireless clipboard, increasing on-site construction productivity by leaps and bounds. Smartphones provide a new opportunity to market, target and communicate to consumers in ways we have never be able to before. Oh, and iPads have also replaced paper.

Subsequently, it appears obvious that these technologies are impacting children. When you grew up, what did you draw on? It certainly wasn’t a tablet computer. This is just one example of what new generations are growing up with. Tablets and smartphones are already becoming essential parts of business models today – and our children will need to be prepared for it.

Some of the benefits of having an App

  • Your brand is in your customers hands – on their mobile device 24/7
  • Direct connection with your client to your business offering.
  • Builds brand trust and increases loyalty
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Increased visibility and accessibility of organisations profile
  • Universal and growing appeal of mobile phones
  • Unmatched user experience
  • Seen as smart and technology driven
  • Enhances social networking
  • Allows for news events, launches, announcement of lectures pertinent to the user
  • Automatic appointment scheduling
  • Local up to date information can be provided, eg chemist opening times out of hours etc
  • Faster – it takes a second to launch an App as opposed to downloading website information and can be provided without an internet connection
  • Always visible on smartphones – easy to navigate
  • Business orientated, mass appeal
  • Compelling competitive advantage over all other forms of communication devices
  • Utilisation of Cloud technology

Each day, the world of technology poses new opportunity for competitive advantage. To find out how your world is changing now, contact us.

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