Our Services

 Brand Equity Marketing - Google Ranking - Security

Your website may be the most important part of attracting the right customers, but it will be only part of the story. Unless you are targeting the right customers (do you know who and where the better ones might be?). Last month we looked at our own analytical tools and our latest e-commerce customer had increased their profitably by 500% over a 5 month period (we can show you how we did this).

It isn't just about AD words, the organic aspect and brand equity is just as important - if you understand just how deep internet marketing goes, you will see it can easily involves psychographic profiling as well as making your site an authority (Google likes that). We understand marketing and analytical tools better than anyone, because our background is understanding Brands  (we teach Brand Marketing at some of the top business schools in the world - why not google John Rainford - CE of Strawberry Fields?). If your company fulfills the governments criteria (we can send you details) we can offer you a 35% grant off your marketing bill - we will even fill in the forms for you.

We offer strategic business planning by challenging the current strategy. It is particularly useful for business development people and marketing managers. Our diagnostic and innovation process helps to identify and explore other options, not necessarily previously considered. In effect it tests your existing strategy, and helps you to consider new ones. Devising strategies and campaigns for companies is what we excel at.


We are part of the government incentive scheme that helps to bolster your cyber defences. The CE of CISCO Scot Gardner said "There are 2 types of website, those that have been hacked and those that that don't know they have been hacked."  - We specialise in Business Intelligence. (we are CISCO partners) Using Search Engine Marketing without the knowledge of marketing a business and business intelligence is frankly flawed. We are not just producing marketing orientated websites, for example, as a shop front - but collating the best market intelligence to make sure your marketing is google friendly and customer focused. Creating value in your Brand and your company increases its market value. Brand equity has a real value on the stock market. We focus on creating value through our understanding of customer profiling and market intelligence. 

Who are we?

We are a family business run by the Chief Executive, John Rainford - who has extensive experience in Marketing and Innovation techniques and was taught by the best including Phillip Kotler, Marketing Guru at North Western University. John has taught these techniques at London Business School and Birmingham Business School in the UK, and for businesses on 3 continents. He heads a team of talented young technologists who are pioneers in digital marketing and advanced software and IT integration. We work closely with Google and Microsoft, use Amazon servers and we are partners with CISCO - ID 42340978

John Rainford www.linkedin.com/n/john-rainford-012753/

App. Director of Rapid Innovation for Business Development at Birmingham University

Member of the Executive Committee and Fellow of the Lunar Society -  stimulating ideas, catalysing action

CISCO Global Network Academy Partner, Innovation and Business Intelligence

Visiting Scholar of Kellogg Business School, Northwestern University, Innovations in Marketing, USA.

Visiting Fellow University of Birmingham Business School, Competitive Advantage (MBA)

Former Chairman of NASA (North American Scholarship Association).


Website Production 

  • Website Design
  • SEO(search engine optimisation)
  • SEM(search engine marketing)
  • SEA(search engine analytics)
  • E-commerce(commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet)
  • Interactivewebsite features
  • Domain nameand on-going Server Maintenance

Business Intelligence & Solutions

  • Darwin Innovation Workshops- to help or improve marketing strategies when developing strategic and corporate business targets.
  • Project Management- strategies and implementation.
  • Business Intelligence- a technology-driven process for analysing business data and presenting actionable next steps essential for achieving targets.
  • Gaining Competitive Advantage

Digital Media

  • FullVideo Production (high definition (HD) promotional/ advertising/ informative/ corporate videos and more)
  • Photography(high resolution photography, professional lighting and full set-up)
  • Branding & Social Media(Logo design etc)
  • Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)

Apps & Software

  • Darwin Innovation Matrix
  • Development tools
  • Software