The Darwin Matrix

Business Innovation

"It is not the strongest or the most intelligent that survive but those who can best manage and respond to change."

- Charles Darwin

The Darwin Matrix - the No 1 process and diagnostic software tool for innovation in the world

Companies, organisations, teams or even individuals can benefit from using The Darwin Matrix by helping them to improve and arrive at better decision making. It is based on the need to empower the business or organisation by understanding how to Create, Collaborate, Innovate and Implement. using the Matrix. The Darwin Matrix materialised out of necessity and from the demand by our clients to better understand how they may "future proof" their business rather than being merely responsive to market forces.

It is primarily a business development tool but can also used by clients as a sales presentation tool.

James Welch, Director of ITR technologies, said “The Darwin Matrix looks and acts like my brain works - it’s the best presentation application I have seen in my 15 years as a sales director.”







1st tier for business development managers, marketing people and those responsible for organisational strategy and its implementation

  • Away days to understand and adopt the Darwin Matrix process and ongoing innovation and evolution of the action plan.
  • Smart encrypted software (for confidentiality) to enable implementation and monitoring of the process in real time, anywhere in the world.
  • Licensed and technical support 24/7 on a yearly basis.


2nd tier for Consultants who wish to use the Darwin Matrix under license

  • We require high calibre consultants or organisations to work with the Darwin Matrix (using their own logo).
  • Up to 1000 Matrixes
  • Charts with your logo imprinted on the Darwin Matrix Chart
  • A license agreement so that you can use this process for your clients
  • On line exclusive tutorials on creativity and innovation
  • Business growth techniques - tutorials
  • On-line technical support


3rd tier for Business Development course on Strategy, Creativity, Leadership and Innovation

  • A comprehensive enabling course that will help with the understanding and execution of strategies that will involve evolution and organisational change.
  • Pre-work and initial consultation to establish the parameters and expected outcomes.
  • A written strategic plan for your to go forward with.
  • The Darwin Matrix software to be deployed to help with ongoing innovation.
  • Full understanding of the Darwin Matrix and why it has such an impact across many organisational sectors.
  • Training in the use of the Darwin Matrix sales presentation tool which is vastly superior to powerpoint and keynote.