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“Many thanks for the innovation sessions which proved to be both exciting and productive. The Darwin Matrix process is genius in the way that it identifies unseen connections and helps to provoke new solutions and to plan the future direction in, with confidence. They helped us to market and launch our new company, Shell Global Solutions.”

Dr. Allan Samuel,
Business Development Manager, Research and Technology for Royal Dutch Shell.

“Strawberry Fields provided the Innovation Matrix tools, and the facilitation. We were so pleased with the results we had a dozen of the charts printed with our logo for our monthly business team meetings.”
– Tony Baxter (Account Director Manufacturing Logistics, Tibbett & Britten Group)

“We decided to work with Strawberry Fields Marketing because we were incredibly impressed with their innovative and creative approach.”

– Bill Cooper (Director, Furrows Limited)

“I am delighted with the creativity and professional support given by this highly imaginative company. Their involvement in our latest campaign has proved a great success.”

– Henry Gilbert (Deputy Managing Director INA Bearing Company Ltd.)

“Strawberry Fields’ Darwin Matrix sessions were a vital part of our planning for business growth, as it was this that enabled us to see the real solution to our problem.”

– Don Campbell (Chief Executive, Foundation)

“Strawberry Fields did such a good job in helping us to project our company in the Euro market – its considerable impact helped us to become a significant supplier to many European state mints.” 

– George Feltrup (Commercial Manager, The Birmingham Mint Ltd.)

“Strawberry Fields had all the marketing skills in-house for the development of Conren’s Marketing Strategy. We are very pleased with the creative input and delighted with the design of the new image – from conception through to its incorporation into the website.”

– Chris McEwen (Managing Director, Conren Limited (part of Norwest Holst Group plc, the UK operating arm of SGE Groupe)

“Strawberry Fields has combined creative input with a sound marketing approach – a rare combination. Despite the number of inputs into the project, Strawberry Fields have consistently demonstrated patience and firm guidance.”
– Mark Johnson (Managing Director, Britton Group)

“The strategic business sessions with Strawberry Fields were the turning point in our business and we have never looked back.”
– Steve Heavens (`BSc PhD Director, Ionotec)

“Strawberry Fields’ contribution to the WiRE launch has been completely invaluable, from the brainstorming session through to the implementation.”

– Izzy Warren-Smith (OBE, WiRE Project Controller Harper Adams University College)

“The website was very well received – our head of IT thought it excellent. Congratulations, well done and thanks.”

– Jim Peters (Ludlow College)

“We enjoyed the strategy session. We found it challenging and enlightening. Thanks very much for the experience and the subsequent implementation of the action plan.”

– Ann Page (Director, Page Communication)

“I would like to thank Strawberry Fields. The strategies, ideas and direction allowed us to penetrate into major new markets.”

Nigel Ball (Sales Director, Adroit Technologies Ltd.)

“Strawberry Fields has shown consistent professionalism and guidance in helping to create our corporate identity. It has substantially raised the profile of our company and we are delighted with the excellent response from our marketing campaign. They did such a great job that we went back for more.”

– Paul Kassim (Marketing Manager, CPD Distribution Ltd.)

“The new strategic concepts were as a result of our Darwin Innovation Matrix sessions. We have gained important insights, developed new branding for our regional cheeses and gained significant new customers, as a result.”

– Justin C. Beckett (Managing Director, Belton Cheese Ltd.)

“Working with Strawberry Fields has been a refreshing experience. The manner in which they undertook our project was highly professional; they understood the uniqueness of our business.”

– Ken Bailey (Operations Manager – Generator Services, ABB Power Generation Ltd.)

“The use of the Darwin Innovation Matrix helped us to come up with refreshing ideas, and a new commercial approach, and they are a nice team to work with.”

– Danny Curley (Advertising Controller, Kaleidoscope Mail Order Catalogues)

     “Using Strawberry Fields is like having a chess grandmaster on you side.” Mike Williams, Rafferty and Co

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