Changing lives for the better with innovation

Originally, the Darwin (Innovation) Matrix began life as a visual tool for helping research scientists understand what they needed to do – to make their business better and more commercial. However, as time went on – when we worked for the likes of Fortune 500 companies we realised that these tools could easily transform peoples lives on an individual basis – not just make companies more rich. Further, we also realised that if we could introduce these techniques into the education system we could change the world. That’s were we are at – right now. We have trialled the Matrix in schools, colleges, universities and of course in business.

Now we have turned this visualisation tool (featured above) into a free App. This free version will help to change lives all over the world and help alleviate poverty and ignorance and so create a better world.

Anyone who is successful in business or indeed in their lives will tell you that it has a lot to do with attitude. The ‘right mindset’ is more important than money, marketing and hard work.

So how do we get to the right mindset? and can anyone do it?

The right mindset involves a journey, one of self discovery and self realisation and yes anyone can do it. My dream is that the Darwin Matrix is used all over the world to help make peoples lives truly worthwhile and to help people find their true potential.

When we worked with scientists at Royal Dutch Shell we realised we had an uphill struggle on our hands, whilst they were brilliant in their own field they lacked the open – mindedness that would release them from hidden barriers in their psyche. When we introduced the Matrix to the Royal Dutch Shell ‘high flying’ audience in Houston Texas, I would suggest to them in the coming weeks that we were going to un-brainwash them. We would rid them of the in-built blocks to self development and commercial realisation. Of course, as you might expect this was treated with some scepticism – but over the coming weeks their attitude, and their mindset slowly changed – we had successfully challenged their collective intelligence and wisdom and replaced it with a new mindset, one which would ultimately change their lives for the better – and help to make their organisation truly powerful. see

This was a pivotal moment in the sense that we realised that we couldn’t just reserve these insights just for the elitist few in the world, and that we had a greater responsibility to let the world know. It isn’t just about education, in true Darwinian fashion, its about challenging the accepted wisdom and pushing the boundaries of our knowledge and gaining creative insights. We have engaged with schools, colleges, universities, charities, consultants and national institutions to get this off the ground. If you want to share in this venture, do get in touch with [email protected]
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