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Business has two and only two functions, Marketing and Innovation. All the rest are costs. Peter Drucker, Management Guru

How robust is your strategy? How strong is your brand? We have worked with companies who believed that their marketing strategy was perfect until they tried our diagnostic strategy session. This is your chance to test the robustness of your own strategy. This is not a sell, our process is already proven all over the world for large and for small companies. We work with business development people and marketing managers to get the best possible results.


Strawberry Fields helps businesses by using a process that is so powerful that it will impact innovation and the marketing direction of the business and the business development teams.

“Their process is genius, in the way that it identifies and creates new solutions and new innovations, whether it is simply bringing new ideas to market or creating new worthwhile products, Strawberry Fields Marketing helped us to launch a brand new company, Shell Global Solutions.”

Dr Allan Samuel, Business Development, Shell Global Solutions.

Our in depth analysis means we don't come up with mediocre campaigns, rather we push the boundaries of what is possible, whether through technology or ideas that bring everyone on the same page. 

Using Shell as an example of how we might work, we would typically attend an initial meeting to see if our process might help progress their own agenda - in the case of Shell, the people responsible for business development for the Research and Technology part of Shell were looking to develop a marketing campaign to highlight their services to new clientele. After the meeting - we decided (no one believes this, but we can verify this through our Shell contacts) we decided we couldn't help them because we believed that the direction they were headed at the time would be counter productive. We predicted the outcome and it subsequently came true. After 6 weeks they cam back to us and asked us to help them. It must be said that we earned their respect, not because we had turned them down - but because we were honest and didn't just take their money. 

After a strategy and innovation day - the process revealed hidden factors that would give Shell (Global Solutions) a real competitive advantage in the market place. In order to effect the escalation of the 'new prospects' it was decided that innovation and commercial training was appropriate and deemed necessary to achieve the maximum potential. Not only did we deliver on the workshops in Houston, Amsterdam and the Far East we also launched and conceived a marketing campaign for Shell Global Solutions. The turnover now runs at $1 billion per year from a faltered 6 week start. 

We have consistently ran strategy sessions for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to corporations using our (Darwin Matrix) creative and diagnostic process, so much so, we have subsequently been asked to teach the process at universities and business Schools all over the world, including the London Business School. Birmingham Business School and universities in Singapore, Hong kong and Chicago. Membership organisations such as Chambers of Commerce, the Chartered Management Institute and the Chartered Institute of Marketing find it particularly valuable for their members as well as enhancing their own organisational innovation, commercial and production capabilities. We have since conducted strategy sessions at the Foreign Office, the Eden project and the Lunar Society as well as not for profit organisations such as the Young Foundation and Young Enterprise (which we support). Charities that use our process for the betterment of children's education use the process for free. The software aspect (an offshoot from the Innovation process is used for all children all over the world for free).

The picture shows an Innovation marketing workshop we delivered for the Chartered Institute of Marketing at the University of Birmingham Business School. We even have an online diagnostic tool kit - which helps business to fine tune their own business processes into dynamic ones.

For more details visit As Einstein once said "You can't solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them." Maybe it's time to try something new?

In our preliminary Diagnostic we will be asking questions that will not only will surprise you, but the resultant impact of the process may shock you.

“The only people we wouldn't recommend Strawberry Fields to, are our competitors, without their expertise we would not have achieved, let alone exceeded, our growth targets .”  

David Jarvis, MD - Procase International. 


“I am delighted with the creativity and professional support given by this highly imaginative company. Their involvement in our latest campaign has proved a great success.”

Henry Gilbert, Managing Director, INA Bearing Company Ltd. 


“This is the best management training I have had in 25 years.”

Tony Goodwin, MD - One4Allhire.


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