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“Following Darwin Matrix work with John Rainford and his team, our turnover has increased consistently by over 25% every year for the past 5 years, 32% and 37% over the past 2 years.” Bruce Thomson, Chairman and CEO, Baker Goodchild, Birmingham.

The world of business has changed radically, this has created opportunities as well as obstacles to business development. Understanding what’s changing and how it effects market forces means the little guy can punch above his weight. We have helped hundreds of family businesses plan for their future by creating a solid business foundation that has a real monetary value in the market place. Strawberry Fields, punches above its weight. It would be unthinkable years ago for a small company like ours to work for a company that has 80,000 employees. What have we got that makes us different? Well for a start we approach problems in a vastly different way to our competitors. Where our clients see problems – we turn the problem on its head and see opportunities. Business owners need to see themselves as leaders of innovation running a creative organisation in a way that enables creativity itself to become a core competence. Whatever the organisation may comprise of, an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset suitably integrated into the culture can significantly raise effectiveness and yield higher productivity and profits. Ideas and their implementation are the only real difference when everything else is equal.

Knowledge– Human resources and how relevant information contributes to our knowledge and strategies are crucial for success. Find new ways of looking at business models that view business in a different way and re-appraise value, information and revenue streams. Acquiring knowledge is a two way process and depends as much on the recipient’s response to learning, as well as to the educator.

Technological Change – How we respond to change determines success or failure. Don’t be fooled by success and stand still – the only certainty in business is change. Successful companies – large and small – succeed by constantly changing their business perspective, looking at how creativity and innovation can provide competitive advantage in a fast changing environment. Mobile devices are the new vehicles for brand and business engagement and will revolutionise competitive marketing media strategies.

Globalisation – The world is rapidly becoming a global village and this means increased competition. Economies are opening up, internet technology is constantly changing and presenting challenges as well opportunities. Look at what the most successful companies are doing, copy best practise but most importantly, create your own unique value. The next key internet revolution and business opportunities is with mobile learning devices (tablets and mobile phones) utilising APPs and cloud technology.

Holistic Innovation Matrix – see Game changer strategies and competitive advantage are brought about through the ongoing search for value creation. The process we use is designed to free us from the blocks to creative thinking, identify gaps in our knowledge and give us a new creative space for a strategic perspective. Using the Innovation Matrix we can conceptualise and plan formidable strategies. When we were challenged by Royal Dutch Shell to help create new patents, new business ideas and resolve major problems on a global scale we began by igniting creativity and using the power of the innovation matrix. see


“The only people we would not recommend Strawberry Fields to are our competitors. Without Strawberry Fields’ input we would not have achieved, let alone exceeded, our growth targets.” (see testimonials)


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